WholeHearted Living Institute

For those wanting to live freely, fully and authentically...

Have you ever had a sense of 'there must be more to life than this'?

Have you been through a dark night of the soul experience and wondered what it meant?

On the outside you appear to 'have it all' but still can't shake that inner restlessness/emptiness?

That is exactly what we are here to help you with...



You know this journey is unique to you, but there's something amazing about being in a supportive community who 'get you' too...

Debs Thorpe

Meet Our Founder

Debs Thorpe is a multi passionate entrepreneur who supports clients from all over the world to break free from limits and finally discover the freedom, life and authenticity they truly crave.

Beginning her journey as a counsellor at just 18, Debs qualified as one of the youngest ever therapists and continued to break the norm working across multiple organisations such as the NSPCC, Relate, Dartmoor Prison and RAFA.

After an awakening moment, she left her then husband at age 24 and set out to build a whole new life in a whole new area. Twelve months later her first business was born which became one of the first multi award winning well-being focused companies in it's field.

Always feeling different to others and living through years of self judgment and shame for her desires for more in life, Debs now brings all of her expertise together to help others live a life outside the box and embrace their true self.

Yes you absolutely get to have it all!

You will also find her continuing to challenge limits with the odd ultra marathon whilst travelling with her husband and two dogs.

You can find out more about that at debsthorpe.com

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