About us

It doesn’t take much for us to see that how most of us have been told to live, isn't aligning with the true desires that we hold within, almost daring not to speak them aloud...

If you’re here, it’s because you’re longing for something.

For change, for something more.

But not just more in the conventional way…

More freedom, more peace, more fun.

Not just more of the same.

But deeper connections (with yourself and others), greater authenticity, deeper experiences.

Not only that, you have this deep inner knowing that you are meant for more. And maybe you have spent years trying to find the elusive key to unlock it all, but all of the attempts so far have only got you so far.

I hear you.

And that’s exactly why I formed this place...

A place where you get to breakfree from the weight of all that you carry that isn’t truly you.

A place that cultivates what you need intuitively to help you to heal past trauma, know yourself fully and thrive in the world from that place.

It’s empowering, transformative and soul enriching.

I am an expert therapist, I have helped thousands of clients, experienced my own burnout and ‘dark night of the soul’, and it wasn’t until I fully made the link to unresolved trauma patterns that I could finally know freedom.

I spent so much time berating myself for not being able to just ‘do what makes me happy’ when others seemed to be able to, because I didn’t even know where to begin on discovering that for myself.

It’s why here you won’t find the platitudes you have no doubt seen about ‘just follow your joy’ etc. If you knew that, you wouldn’t be here.

This is where we do the true transformational work of healing the trauma survival patterns that have held you in a cycle for years, and release your unique blueprint to thriving and freedom.

Our mission

To help people out of survival and fear based patterns of living which leaves them depleted, exhausted, unfulfilled and trapped, to a place of thriving where they experience true joy, freedom, passion, purpose and aliveness.

Our vision

We know the ripple effect that is created by true transformational work. Helping to create shifts in a person, impacts so many others too. It's our vision that we help to create as many positive ripple effects in the world as possible.

Our work

We recognise the uniqueness of people and their journeys, hence why we don't offer cookie-cutter solutions but create powerful bespoke containers for your unique answers to emerge.

In the words of Mary Oliver ‘Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”

Because you absolutely don’t need to be stuck in this place for a moment longer, you can begin that journey today…

Our Story

Our founder, Debs Thorpe, began her professional journey qualifying as one of the youngest ever counsellors at just 24 years old, and she went onto expand her knowledge and practice with systemic therapy, NLP, body work and shamanic tools.

She was also the one who never quite fitted in to any box, always that sense of 'an old soul in a young body'.

Despite all of the knowledge acquired over the years and experience of many different therapies, she couldn't shift the frustration of them not quite 'hitting the mark' and delivering the long lasting transformation she was seeking for herself and others.

In a society that rewards high achieving, hard work and 'busyness', it took burnout and a 'dark night of the soul' to highlight how much her past trauma had 'over-written' her subconscious blueprint. It's no wonder true freedom and happiness always felt out of reach. This missing link to trauma, neuroscience and energetics finally enabled Debs to bring together all of the parts into a cohesive and effective tool for transformation.

The WholeHearted Technique, along with the WholeHearted Institute was born.

Our Impact

We believe in walking our talk, which means that ethics, integrity and well-being aren't just buzzwords, but principles that guide every part of our work.

Not only for us and our clients but helping to create a ripple effect further afield by supporting charities and fairtrade suppliers.