Do you feel stuck?

Like you manage to break through and glimpse what life is like on the other side of your past cycles only to find yourself back in them?

Are you tired of finding yourself back in this place?

I hear you.

You've discovered that creating the freedom you desire and unlocking your dreams is not about:

Your level of commitment and effort- you have spent years doing all the things and building success, as well as investing in your personal development

Your longing- you feel the pull of entering a different stage in your life. You live an amazing life in many ways so you don't understand why you don't 'feel' it

You doing more- you know what it's like to work hard and sacrifice, you've been there and done that. You want to finally experience spaciousness, time and freedom

You are so done with...

The rollercoaster of highs of breaking through one moment, to only experience the lows awaiting the next corner...

The self doubt, shame and frustation keeping you tossing and turning at night...

The endless thoughts of how to create the freedom you so long for, whilst doubting if it's even meant for you any more...

The tiredness of getting through the day wearing a mask and feeling totally different inside...

The loneliness of everyone around you believing all is ok, but feeling like a fraud...

It's exhausting

I hear you. I also know exactly the key to removing the mask and unlocking your true self.

So what is the missing piece that unlocks your pathway to peace, freedom and fun?

Your subconscious blueprint

"We can’t create true and lasting transformation without the subconscious re-wiring of our system."

If we haven’t addressed what is going on subconsciously, our system will always revert back.

Not only that, but if we have any trauma residue in our nervous system, this will be activated once we start changing and can set off all kinds of survival responses which further complicates our ability to change.

I know that this can all sound a bit scary, after all the subconscious is full of unknowns to our conscious mind, and we naturally have some resistance to ‘go there’.

It’s why doing this type of work is hard on your own.

The great news, however, is that it is actually a liberating, exciting and amazing journey which opens up huge amounts of energy, freedom and confidence.

Meet your guide for this journey
Debs Thorpe

Right now you'll meet me as the founder of WholeHearted Living, an expert helping people from across the globe break free from the confines of stuck patterns, and accessing the true freedom found from living authentically.

After nearly 20 years in the wellbeing industry, it took my own burnout and 'dark night of the soul' experiences to finally discover the key to true transformation.

You see, on the surface, I have always been the sort of person that seemed to 'have it all'.

In school, I was quite smart, pretty, could hold my own in sports and was very frequently the 'teachers pet'.

I got married and moved away from home to start my own life at 18, training in a career as a counsellor and qualifying as one of the youngest therapists ever.

I worked multiple jobs, studied, I was always striving for more, always pushing, always working hard. After all, that's what we're told to do right? That get's us all we've ever dreamed about. I even started my own business at 24 to create the freedom I craved. But I still ended up working more, harder and moving even further away from my desires.

The thing is, I had BIG dreams. I didn't want the 'norm'. So all of the relentless pushing and hard work and following what I was told I had to do, did indeed get me 'success' and a life most people would be proud of...

And it did bring pockets of happiness and fulfilment but at a huge cost to me with multiple burnouts, self doubt and resentment.

I spent years doing all the stuff to try and change, but none of it stuck. I was caught between giving up because clearly all this freedom talk is BS, and not being able to because I couldn't stand to stay where I was either.

I felt stuck and trapped like a caged animal.

It wasn't until I learned about how trauma re-wires our subconscious, that it all started to click into place. I could finally see the blueprint I was operating from and could begin to re-write it.

It changed everything.

I could finally create my life from a thriving place within, where fun, adventure, peace, love, abundance and freedom became my norm.

And this is what I am passionate about helping others to do too.

Your Unique Journey...

You have access to the most incredible guidance system within, which once unlocked, provides you with unlimited access to your truest dreams and desires.

But what is blocking that will be unique to you. Which is why this is a totally tailored-to-you experience.

Together we will:

Release those deeply embedded subconscious beliefs that are making you feel trapped

Release the weight of emotional baggage that leaves you feeling heavy and stuck

Identify your trauma response which is stopping you from truly thriving

Construct a new blueprint so that the 'old self' doesn't take back control

So that you can:

Break free from the confusing endless cycle and experience freedom like never before

Feel free and have more energy. You will step forward with excitement and lightness

Finally stop fighting against yourself and experience the sheer ease of alignment

Experience lasting transformation and have a clear pathway to thriving

What Client's Say

"Debbie is the best. She listens, she understands and gives the tools I need to figure out what is best for me and helps the most for my case. Would absolutely recommend her."

"Debbie has been nothing short of amazing in every session I have had with her. I am so grateful for her expertise as well as her constant calming and kind nature. Could not recommend higher. Working with Debbie has changed my life for the better!"

"I believe that finding a therapist such as Debbie is rare occurance. She is intuitive, empathetic, compassionate, and present. I feel supported and heard in her presence and she provides a safe space to share openly, free of judgement. Thank you so much for helping me on my journey."

Are you ready to break free from the BS?

This isn't a magic fix.

It is transformational and creates a ripple effect beyond anything you can imagine.

We go all in. I bring my whole self, so will you, and the breakthrough will happen.

It's a journey like no other which yields results across every area of your life.


One Off Payment
Two Payments Of

Let's be real, is there a million other things you can spend this money on right now?

Of course.

Is there doubt that this will actually work given how much you've tried already?


I really get it.

To honour the level of honesty and integrity we each bring to this process, I will share with you that I have invested thousands in my own development and coaching over the years, not all with the best outcomes. In business, I have been repeatedly disillusioned with people who claim to be experts in their field and have fallen way short of my own expectations. It's partly why launching a program in this way has taken a long time for me, I needed to be sure that it's providing the container for the transformation you need right now. As I've shared already, it's not a magic fix. It takes courage and consistency and openness. But I know with every cell in my body that I can guide and support you in this process 100%.

So you and I know that something needs to change. And I promise you it doesn't come from more stuff, more strategies, more reading. It comes from re-wiring your blueprint into exactly what you desire.

There's many things in life I'm no expert in (fashion is one thing that comes to mind!) but helping you break free, dive into your subconscious and lead you to freedom and authenticity is my sweet spot. I also come with the lived experience of how alone this place and this journey feels. Even those closest to you oftentimes don't understand why you can't just 'be happy'.

I've got you.

So let's not waste a single more precious moment staying stuck, let's create that breakthrough today...

"After our work together I know a new narrative is mine to claim, to own and to radiate, authentically.

It’s a marvel how you pick up the sticks from a meeting and beat such a hearty uplifting tune.

It’s deeply nourishing to spend time with you. Every single time. Your energy is something to behold.

Keep weaving those wild threads and bringing such vital perspective and awareness of self love and self forgiveness. You colour and vitalise the journeys of those you counsel and support. Such a gift."

*Exclusive July Bonus*

Sign up before 31st July to receive an additional integration session after six weeks to provide you with even more support

Frequently asked questions

What does this program include?

This is a month long program which includes an initial deep dive session lasting 2-3 hours and then sessions once/twice per week. Whilst this program follows core principles that work specifically with the subconscious, the way in which we tune in and create the new blueprint will be unique to you.

How do the sessions take place?

The sessions take place via video calls on my own secure online platform which you'll be sent the link for.

Who is the program not for?

This program is designed to provide a breakthrough and a new blueprint for you to then implement. It's a deep dive experience which means it's not for anyone who isn't available to go all in for a short period of time or who wants longer term support.

Do you offer a payment plan?

You can pay in two installments or save £200 by paying in full.

Will this program work for me?

If you are reading this and you don't want to waste a single moment staying in this place, this will absolutely work for you. I can't step inside you and do the work for you, you know that. I do, however, hold a strong container of transformation for you, I am your guide and I have your back.

What can i expect from this program?

-Release from the subconscious patterns keeping you stuck, resulting in true change

-The freedom to embody the fullness of who you truly are

-Clarity on your new thriving blueprint

All so that you can live a truly aligned, authentic life that lights you up

How Do I Get Started?

Sign Up or Connect
One Off Payment
Two Payments Of
Request A Clarity Call

I'll be in touch to schedule our first session and send you a welcome pack so we can begin the work straight away

We'll spend four weeks diving into your subconscious blueprint, releasing beliefs that no longer support you and re-writing your blueprint for thriving and freedom

An addition to this, you will also receive bespoke resources that I will create for you to ensure you have what you need to continue this transformational journey

A Personal Invitation...

One Off Payment
Two Payments Of