Are you ready for a year that changes your life?

Are you ready for a unique, bespoke journey to your true authentic self?

You know all too well what it's like to live not in your fullness, like there is a barrier between who you feel you are on the inside and what is projected into the world...

It's exhausting and you're done with it.

You want out of the confines.

And one of the hardest parts about it?

You get glimpses through a window of what alignment and living authentically feels like, but to break down the whole wall feels impossible.

You've tried so many things over the years, and whilst they have made some difference, you have still been left with this fraud like feeling that you just can't shake.

On your darkest days, you've even began to question if it's always going to be like this, and yet something deep inside won't let you give up, but not knowing how to breakthrough just makes you feel even more trapped.

To the you who knows the way, who knows your heart, you holds the key to the life of your desires.

It's time to journey home, to yourself...

I know, I know, you have likely heard this before, but what does it actually mean?

You see, if you're here reading this, it's likely you fall into one of two categories:

1. You have done an amazing job at creating an amazing life for yourself and your family, but, you are just not feeling it. You know you 'should' be happy, content and fulfilled, but no matter how hard you try, you just can't seem to shake this inner cloud of emptiness.

2. You have done 'all the right things' in life that you thought would lead to the happiness and peace you want, and yet even after ticking all the boxes, you still feel like there's something missing.

I hear you.

And if either of these resonate with you, I can assure you that there's no need to stay like this for a moment longer. There absolutely is a way for you to feel whole, complete, connected, inspired and truly happy with who you are and your life.

Now, you've likely come across many different approaches to this concept of journeying home to yourself, you may have even tried a few.

What I've learned from over 20 years in this field and working with thousands of clients, is that whilst there is no 'one way' that works for everyone, there are a few key guideposts to help navigate this journey. You can find out more about this journey below.

As for now, I want you to imagine that the journey home to yourself is like taking off your shoes and coat after a long, hard day. The mixture of relief, lightness and ease you feel as you get to take off all unnecessary things feels so freeing.

Our journey together is like this but on every level. We get to take off the layers that aren't really you so that you can feel light, free and at ease with who you truly are, and then live freely and unapologetically from this place...

Meet Your Guide...

Hi, I'm Debs, the founder of WholeHearted Living and someone who is passionate about living a life we have created in the fullness of who we truly are.

Because, let's be honest, we get one shot at this. Each and every day is precious and why would we want to spend it living anything less than authentically and unapologetically ourselves?

It sounds pretty straight forward, right? So why is it so hard?

Well, for a start, when we're born we are a sponge to everything in our environment. It means that we are literally absorbing everyone else's beliefs as well as figuring out what that means about us too. This is all happening subconsciously, so it makes sense that if we want to peel back the layers to our 'true authentic' self, we have to go to the place in our subconscious where these layers were first formed so that we can re-write the program.

I started my counselling training at 18, I went through years of counselling, psychology and systemic training as well as my own personal therapy and coaching, and yet, it wasn't until I discovered my subconscious programs that I could know myself fully and create a life from that place.

I will be honest with you, there was a time not that long ago when I thought all this freedom and authenticity talk was BS because I was trying everything possible to find it for myself but nothing was working. I thought I was going mad or that I just had to accept that it wasn't possible for me (and here's the kicker, I couldn't accept that because that deep inner longing just wouldn't go away).

I felt stuck and trapped and I was becoming increasingly resentful to those around me. It was a shitty way to be spending this 'one precious life'.

And then a chance bit of research led me to stumble upon the little known trauma response of fawning, and everything started to fall into place. I went on a year long deep dive into trauma responses, the subconscious, neuroplasticity and how we have to 're-wire' our subconscious programs in order to experience true and lasting change.

I genuinely have a 'pinch myself' life right now.

I have healed my trauma response and re-wired my subconcious to thrive. This means that I get to live a life that doesn't feel like an internal battle or carrying the shame and guilt of unexplained internal emptiness.

I finally experience true freedom. Not just in life decisions, but the inner freedom of being able to be 'me' without the confines of layers that aren't me but that had control for so many years.

I know my authentic values and I have created a life that embodies them. Freedom, living life to the full, enjoying new experiences, pushing my limits, creating a positive impact in the world and exploring the new are all at the core of who I am. I am my most alive when living from these values and my life is all of this and more.

By giving myself permission to be my authentic self, I impact others to do so too. An unexpected result of this journey has been the ripple effect it has created around me. My relationship is deeper and more on fire than ever before. My family are inspired to step more into a life on their terms. I inspire others to dream big and break free on a daily basis.

I now stand in the fullness of who I am. I'm no longer chasing some promise of my inner longings only becoming possible if I 'do' all the 'right' things. I know what it is to love all the parts of me, to own my light and dark, to know it's not about 'fixing' my perceived imperfections but embracing them. I can live fully in the moment and soak up every ounce of juiciness in it.

Now, the life that is created from your authentic self will be different to mine. It will be unique to you. This journey isn't about showing you how I have done it so you can copy that. This is a journey and experience totally unique to you...I guide you through navigating the path.

Meet Your Journey...

This is a year long journey to support you in every way as you shed all that isn't you and finally break free...

So you have probably experienced times in your life when you have made decisions and changes quickly. So you know it's possible, it just makes this all the more frustrating, why can't you just break free and for it to last?

The key lies in your subconscious blueprint, and if this isn't aligned to what you truly desire and who you truly are, then it will always pull you back.

Once we begin this journey, the breakthroughs typically come quickly, it's the 'old' programs that can throw a spanner in the works and which often pull us back. You have likely experienced this cycle on repeat. Navigating this internal world of your subconscious programs is my expertise and something that I will not only guide you through but also teach you how to do for yourself so you won't ever experience this cycle again.

The WholeHearted Technique has been constructed over years of experiences with clients and drawing together the most effective tools, so it gives us useful guideposts for the journey.

This isn't a group program whereby some, but not all of the info, will be relevant. This is where every step is designed to provide the best environment possible for your breakthroughs.

In a nutshell:

* A year of individual support which will take the form of in person and/or online sessions
* A stunning bespoke individual retreat in Northern Italy
* Custom made resources for you to ensure that all of the learning is embedded

You Don't Need Me...But...

Your Investment...

One year of everything you need to become fully, freely and authentically you...


save £4,500

Pay In Full

followed by 11 installments of

Pay In Instalments

You have gone through so much to get here. Grown and created so much. You deserve to experience it all in your fullness.

A full year of individual personalised support including in person and online sessions (worth £30,000)
An individual bespoke transformational retreat in Italy (worth £10,000)
Tailor made resources to support your new unique blueprint (worth £5,000)
Complimentary access to WholeHearted Living workshops and courses (worth £1,000)

The value of finally feeling free, authentic and unapologetically you? Priceless!

To celebrate the launch of this program:

The first two people to sign up will receive an additional in person bespoke intensive day with me in Italy. Request a connection call today to secure your space.

*only four spaces available in total for this program

"After our work together I know a new narrative is mine to claim, to own and to radiate, authentically.

It’s a marvel how you pick up the sticks from a meeting and beat such a hearty uplifting tune.

It’s deeply nourishing to spend time with you. Every single time. Your energy is something to behold.

Keep weaving those wild threads and bringing such vital perspective and awareness of self love and self forgiveness. You colour and vitalise the journeys of those you counsel and support. Such a gift."

This is For You If...

You desire so much more for yourself. You know there is another way to be experiencing yourself and your life, but something is keeping you stuck.

You don't want to wait a moment longer in this place. You want change now.

You know what a gift our one precious life is and you don't want to waste any of it not living in your fullness.

You don't want generic information. You want an expert guide who can help you to navigate your unique world in a way that works for you.

Frequently asked questions

Why Is This Program A Year?

In my experience this is the time frame of support that works best. You will find that the major breakthroughs will come quite quickly, but to ensure these last we need to keep a container of support and resources for you.

How Do I Get Started?

You can purchase the program here if you have already connected with me in some way, or if you're new to me, you can schedule a call with me here. As soon as you sign up, we'll get started with your journey and scheduling in our calls and in person transformational retreat.

I only work with a select amount of clients at a time in this program to ensure that a safe and effective container is held for you so there are times when they'll be a waitlist.

Is This Just A Coaching Program?

Oh no, it's so much more! I come with a toolkit of proven tools built over a career of nearly 20 years in this field as well as the lived experience and intuition to really create something very special and unique for you. There will be some elements of coaching but they'll also be transformational therapy, NLP, energetic tools and somatic bodywork to name a few.

What If I Stop Part Way Through The Year?

This program is specifically designed to be a year of support, which will take different forms and frequencies as we journey together. I do understand that circumstances can change and if the format or duration needs to change for any reason, we can discuss this further.

How Do I Know If This Will Work For Me?

If you're reading this and feel heard and understood, you are done with being in this place and you are open minded- I can create the conditions for your transformation to take place.

It does require commitment and effort, hence why we both go all in for a year together.

Where can I learn more about you?

You can explore other sections of this website, such as the "About Us" page or our blog, to learn more about myself and WholeHearted Living.